And then there was...

Nov 23, 2019

…this first post of my new blog, the place I plan to write down everything that comes to my mind. About any topic. In any language I find suitable. Also I have finally found a domain that fits into one line ( instead of Now I know what you are thinking: “If someone has such a short first name and such a long last name – why would use the last name for the domain?” Well, because it’s more economical. It turns out the pius.* domains are quite requested –- at least their market price is significantly larger compared to ladenburger domains.

The most important question is though: why would I want to add another blog and therefore a ton of content to the ocean called internet? Consider it as the cherry on the cake. There are blogs on everything out there and they all have different intentions: marketing, self-learning, self-advertisement, hobby, … . This blog would surely count to at least self-learning and hobby. I don’t want to write an article about the same thing for the hundredth, or even third, time. I want to give additional insights, combine knowledge out there, and tell from my own point of perspective. And because we are already wasting too much of our time consuming stuff on the internet I will try to keep things as short as possible with as much quality as possible.

Finally a short thanks to from whom I “stole” the theme I am using for this blog.

And now let’s put it in the words of someone famous, originally in German: “Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne” (Hermann Hesse)

And there is a magic to every beginning

– Hermann Hesse